HI. Toast... you know this already but I love you so much. I love you so much that scientists struggle to properly quantify and measure the amount in which I love you (and they NEVER WILL!). You are the most loving and caring boyfriend I could ever ask for on the entire planet. Even when you're feeling bad about yourself or when problems arise, my commitment towards you is unwavering.

You are the smartest, most hard-working person I've ever met and your abilities and intelligence never fail to leave me impressed and amazed. I wish you could see yourself the way I see you even a little bit because then you'd finally understand how absolutely incredible you are... but for now I'll do my best to try and make you see even a little bit of that.

I love calling with you and talking to you so so much! Your voice is so soothing and hot I feel so relaxed and happy every time I hear it. Every moment we are not talking I miss you so very much. Sometimes I still really can't believe that we are dating because you are just that awesome... but WE ARE. AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

If you read this and you're not my boyfriend then I think you deserve financial compensation, but also I'm really flattered. Thank you, I think?